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The reason behind “Mg12 Magnesium Network”.

Our daily contacts with manufacturing have led us to the following considerations:

  • Magnesium is an almost unknown metal and an understanding of this metal is as important as the development of its technological applications. Nobody buys what they know little or nothing about;

  • there are a number of urban legends and prejudices about Magnesium, such as low market demand, its propensity to catch fire during processing, the notion that it cannot be welded, the absence of significant features, its use in old-fashioned technology, the difficulty of disposing of its waste, etc.

  • it was therefore necessary to include the whole Magnesium supply and production chain in this project: from the raw material to the processing, design criteria, surface treatments and methods of disposal/re-utilization;

  • talk of mechanical processing, i.e. subcontracted work, albeit in a niche market, is certainly not fashionable in an era in which finished products for exports are what are thought to be the drivers of economic recovery (a wise, long-term strategy/policy?; districts with their ramifications/versatility are no longer fashionable?);

  • due to its features and technological development, as well as the increasing demand for Magnesium from industry (auto, construction, consumer goods), now is the right time for a promotional campaign.



The Magnesium Cluster brings together technologically advanced companies oriented to disseminating knowledge, processes and applications for the lightest structural metal found in nature. The aim is to provide a practical contribution to industries that wish to develop products and components made from Magnesium, through the skills and knowledge of the member companies.

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Due to its chemical and physical features, Magnesium is the metal of the future. Abundant in nature, 35% lighter than aluminum, completely recyclable at low cost, it is suitable for applications in every industrial sector. MG12 Magnesium Design is happy to work on any design project featuring its use, providing design, consulting and engineering services right up to producing a prototype.

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Magnesium has a long history in the auto industry, for motorcycles and the military/aeronautical sector. Today, it is used for commercial aeroplanes and helicopters, for bicycles, in the electronics industry, for household appliances, tools, in the bio-medical sector and for accessories in general. Its technical dissemination, cultural transfer and the spread of up-to-date information are essential for a proper understanding of this metal with “magical” properties, used in ancient and modern times alike.

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